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Blocksi - Classroom Management

Blocksi Manager: Teacher Dashboard

Blocksi Manager empowers 21st century teachers with a simple and efficient Classroom Management System for Chromebooks.  It gives them the ability, just by glancing to the Blocksi dashboard, to ensure that students remain on-task.

Benefits of Classroom Management Software

Why Blocksi?
  • Promote safe and appropriate internet usage
  • Provides Teachers assistance with keeping students on-task
Things to Know
  • Teachers cannot monitor students who are at home (off network)
  • Blocksi does not allow for any activation of a student's camera/microphone
  • Teachers can only view what a student is doing in an active browser session

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is classroom management software new to the district?
A:  No,  Mayfield City Schools has been using Netop Vision in our computer labs to help reinforce internet safety for more than a decade.  Blocksi Classroom Managagement software allows the district to recreate that concept on student devices.

Q:  What is the Classroom Management Dashboard?
A:  The Blocksi Teacher Dashboard is a classroom management system for teachers who want to assist students on Chromebooks or Windows-OS devices during class.  The teacher dashboard runs only during the class session for a limited amount of time.

Q:  Can a teacher view a student's browser if the student is off-campus?
A:  No, Blocksi is only enabled when students are in school.  Teachers do not have access to browsers that are being used off of the district's network.

Q:  Can teachers see all the screens at the same time while students are browsing?
A:  The teacher dashboard shows a collection of thumbnails of every student's screen in their classroom, near real time

Q:  What can teachers see on Blocksi?
A:  On the Dashboard, teachers are able to see every open tab within the student's Chrome browser.

Q:  Can a teacher access a student's camera?
A:  No, teachers only have access to a thumbnail view of the student's opened browser.

Q:  Will Blocksi have access to student's personal accounts?
A:  No, Blocksi only is enabled as an extension through Mayfield Student accounts.  Staff do not have access to any personal accounts.

Q:  How does Blocksi work?
A:  Blocksi Classroom Manager is fully embedded as an extension in Google Chrome and uses Chrome as a native browser.

Q:  Is Blocksi illegal?
A:  Blocksi is a legal, classroom management tool designed to help monitor, share and communicate.  In fact, the platform helps many school districts maintain compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  CIPA mandates that schools and libraries filter any Internet services and adopt formal Terms of Use policies.  Custom Blocksi extensions go beyond federal requirements without sacrificing access for teachers and administrators.

Q:  Is Blocksi Safe?
A:  Blocksi is a a trusted partner for Microsoft, Google, and Lenovo.  To be endorsed by these industry leaders, the classroom screen monitoring software undergoes high levels of scrutiny.  There is often a routine re-evaluation to make sure these standards are continuously met.  With a simple download, Blocksi actually makes going online a safer experience for students.
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