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Technology Request Form

Curriculum & Technology Request Process 

A completed request Form must be reviewed by your building principal and sent to both the IT and Curriculum directors for approval prior to the purchase of new technology or the application for technology grant funding.  The technology request process has two phases. 
Phase 1:   Request Form Submission 
Using the attached form, complete sections A – E 

Section A – Teacher Information:  Complete all teacher information 
Section B – Funding:  The funding required to fulfill a technology request may be from an internal district budget or from an external granting organization.  Please provide information regarding the source of funding for the request. 
Section C – Curriculum & Technology Integration:  Please provide an explanation of how this request will impact your classroom instruction and students. 
Section D – Item(s) Requesting:  Complete the quantity, description and cost (if available) information for the item(s) being requested. 
Section E – Principal Approval:  Submit the completed form to your principal for review and signature. 
Phase 2:  Submission and Review of the Request 
Once you have completed all sections of the request and it has been signed by your building principal it should be submitted to both directors.  Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified whether or not it has been approved.  You may be contacted during the review process in order to gather more information.  Likewise, when necessary, input from other administrative departments may be gathered during the review process. 

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