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If you’re interested in creating lessons at home using MimioStudio Notebook, Tools and Gallery, there is a limited version of the software that can be downloaded. The limited version does not have interactive features such as Reveal, Recorder and Spotlight.

To download the software, go to

You will need to select your operating system and complete your contact information. You will click the download link then click on Run at the bottom of the screen. Eventually the InstallShield Wizard will appear, and you’ll follow the prompts. Once the software is installed and you click Finish, an activation screen appears. At school, the software is activated with a device. At home, you should check the “Continue using the limited version” box as well as the “Do not show this dialog again” box then click Continue. The software should open and be ready for use.

If you would like to view and download lessons created by other teachers, you should become a member of MimioConnect. To register, go to Lesson plans and activities can be searched by subject or grade. If you decide you like a lesson/activity, you can download the Notebook file. You’ll have a choice of opening or saving the file. If you click on open, MimioStudio Notebook will automatically open, and the file will be displayed. You can modify the file to fit your needs then save it.

There are also Gallery Packs available in MimioConnect. These are theme-based groups of images, tools, templates and lessons/activities that can be added to your MimioStudio Gallery. For example, the Summer Gallery Pack has a variety of images including baseball equipment, beach balls, flip-flops, flowers, etc. It also has a variety of lesson templates (Fact/Opinion, parts of speech, patterns, etc.) that have a summer theme. When a Gallery Pack is downloaded, it is saved to the Imported Content Packs Folder in the MimioStudio Gallery. A Gallery Pack file can be distinguished from a Notebook file by looking at the file extension. A Gallery Pack file ends in .mcf while a Notebook file ends in .ink.


A quick explanation of what is at your disposal when using the MimioStudio menu.
A quick explanation of the tools at your disposal when using the MimioStudio Toolbar.
A quick explanation of what is at your disposal when using the MimioStudio Gallery.
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