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Occupational and Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is a service profession whose goal is to help people of all ages to perform those tasks that occupy their time, their “occupation”. A school–based occupational therapist provides carefully designed challenges, that build on the student’s individual strengths and interests, to improve their functional educational skills. Occupational therapy in a school setting is unique from the clinical or medical model. As a related service in the school environment, occupational therapists work to improve the skills which are adversely affecting the student’s educational performance: 
  • attention and arousal levels

  • sensory processing skills

  • fine and gross motor skills

  • handwriting skills

  • visual perceptual skills

  • self-help skills

  • classroom tool usage

  • assistive technology

  • provide education to caregivers and staff to support student success

Physical Therapy in the Schools

Physical therapy in the school setting is unique from physical therapy in the clinical setting or medical model. In the educational model, physical therapy is a related service and supports outcomes on the IEP, as well as consults with teachers and staff regarding a student’s function as it relates to the school setting. Physical therapists in the school address issues such as:
Accessibility across all settings in school (playground, buildings, classrooms, etc.) 
  • Seating in all areas of the school

  • Mobility between classes and areas inside and outside of the school

  • Gross motor skills

  • Safety in the school environment

  • Gross motor skills

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