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Infinite Campus F.A.Q's

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the process of posting grades within Infinite Campus. To the right you will find How to Handouts in regards to the process of posting grades as well as How to Handouts for a variety of features within Infinite Campus.
What is the grading window?

The grading window is the period of time within Infinite Campus when a teacher is able to post grades for each of their individual classes.

How do I post grades?

The process of posting grades is actually quite simple. Step by step directions are available, based on what grade level you teach. They are located to the right.

How do I add canned comments?

The steps to take for adding canned comments are included in the How to Post Grades.

What happens when I post grades?

Currently when you are in your grade book, you will see grades and scores in the In-Progress section. Once you post your grades, your grades will populate the Posted grades section of your grade book.

How do I make changes to a student’s grade after the grading window is closed?

The grading window will be reopened for a short period of time to allow for any update that needs to be made.

How do I know I posted my grades correctly?

View the grades tab in student information. You will see a copy of the students schedule and a posted score will appear corresponding to your class.

What if I need help with posting grades?

First, please attempt to follow the directions on the how to sheets provided. If you are struggling to follow the directions on the handout, check with a fellow teacher and see if they can assist.

If you are still struggling please contact Rob Gongola at or Brent Kallay at and we can assist you from there.

How to Post Grades

The below downloads will assist you with the process of posting grades within Infinite Campus. These documents will be updated periodically throughout the school year based on the quarter and/or semester we are currently working in. 

How to Handouts

Below you will find a list of downloadable How to Handouts giving step by step directions on using different features in Infinite Campus.
A step by step guide for Mayfield High School Teachers on setting up their Infinite Campus grade books.
A step by step guide on creating assignments in your Infinite Campus grade book.
A step by step guide on how to take attendance in Infinite Campus.
A step by step guide on how to create a seating chart using Infinite Campus.
Step by step directions on how to submit a behavior referral using Infinite Campus.
Step by step directions on how to manage behavior referrals as an administrator within Infinite Campus.
Step by step Instructions on how to use the message center to communicate with parents and students through Infinite Campus.
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